Paediatric First Aid

Details: A 2 day course designed to help you recognise, assess when a child is unwell before it becomes critical. To assess an injured child and treat accordingly.

Objectives: The course is designed to give all childcare workers the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with all emergencies, both minor and potentially serious, and to be confident in their knowledge and skills.

Method: The course has a good balance of theory and practical skill sessions in a warm and friendly atmosphere. All our Instructors are registered and very experienced in teaching.

Attendees: Anyone involved professionally in the care of children and infants.

Requirements: No pre-course requirements.

Certification: On completion of the course all successful candidates will receive a Certification of completion in Paediatric First Aid which is valid for 2 years.

Duration: 2 days

Maximum number of participants: 12

Respond quickly and be decisive about your actions in an Emergency Situation.
Be confident you can recognise when a child or infant is unwell /injured and act decisively in treating and /or getting the appropriate help.